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Fat brown bat just wants some candy. #Inktober #bat #Halloween


Conjoined pumpkin twins! I need to scan it so I can try coloring it with Copics. Gonna try and catch up with Inktober and draw spooky monsters! #Inktober #Halloween #pumpkin #monsters


Well, I guess any time to start is better than none. #Inktober #selfportrait #doodle

Kraken, the mighty Terror of the Tub!


Die Krake is taking way too long from a few ups and downs, but SOON.

Society6 prints!

Giving Society6 a shot, I’ve so far uploaded 8 images on there so far!

[ I do already have physical prints of my art in my possession, along with some stickers and buttons, but a combination of factors have led me to try out Society6 until further notice. If you think you’re interested in anything I already have, please feel free to send me a message and we can talk. :) ]


I am kraken, terror of all the mighty seas!

SacAnime Winter 2015

Hey everyone! Last week I managed to sign up for an artist alley table for SacAnime Winter 2015! I’m super excited and hope this will be a great time. I’ll keep you guys updated as time progresses.

Further goals for me within the next few months include FINALLY setting up a shop to sell prints and buttons (I’ve had them for a while, I just get so horribly distracted and months go by in a flash), so that’s another thing to look forward to as well. I have some of my mafia pictures, as well as my knitting monsters and cats.

- Sara

Sometimes a slight shift in perspective helps you make you feel better about a project. After few months of absent posting, this pretty much sums up my week. Kicking my own butt and doing my best to get the mentioned Weird Al picture done!

My great-grandmother made a whole bunch of samplers that we have up and around the house, and I thought I’d remake one of them with my own designs while simultaneously trying out a mix inbetween illustration and lettering/graphic design. Might try out some more (I’ve got plenty to work with!).

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