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Sometimes a slight shift in perspective helps you make you feel better about a project. After few months of absent posting, this pretty much sums up my week. Kicking my own butt and doing my best to get the mentioned Weird Al picture done!

My great-grandmother made a whole bunch of samplers that we have up and around the house, and I thought I’d remake one of them with my own designs while simultaneously trying out a mix inbetween illustration and lettering/graphic design. Might try out some more (I’ve got plenty to work with!).

Quick picture for a little assignment. We had to make a thaumatrope, and I felt like going a little above what was expected. It kind of turned out okay, but I think there needed to be more of a color contrast between the background and person. I was aiming for a “ghost in the window” kind of idea.

Hey, everyone! The past month has been crazy busy for me! I have a few other pictures to post up, but for now I’ll put this brand new one up. My coworker, Kevin, who has the patience and trust of a saint, commissioned me to draw this for a buddy of his as a Christmas present. This was super fun! Tenoutta ten.

Just some cute soot sprites oggling at a giant acorn (that got dropped by the blue Totoro). I love these guys!

Sea otter! I wanted to make some new things to print for a craft show I’m doing in December, and a cute sea otter was on the list.

Old assignment from last year, but I still like them a lot. Character designs for “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”, and I did Ned Land and of course, Captain Nemo. I went with a bit more influenced Indian outfit rather than British/Eurpoean fashion for Nemo’s main outfit.

Hey everyone! After spending all of yesterday sweating, swearing and steaming at my rusty and rudimentary HTML and CSS coding skillz, a new layout for my website is finished! (until I change my mind and think it’s terrible hahahaha) I still need to fidget with a few things, like figure what steps I need to take to make a favicon (the little images that show up on tabs), but at least the look is pretty complete. The next-next step is to get some more new art done so I can put it up on there!

Whaddya guys think?

Now that I got the armor design down for King of Nochs, the next step was naturally color schemes! And with this out of the way, I can make my steps towards designing his warhammer, drawing him in an awesome pose, and turn-arounds for the modellers.

Images are part of a project I’m working on, Project Vahaos - you can find more of the team’s work on our IndieDB page, and our website!


I guess I do slightly remember how to color in Photoshop via painterly style…and it didn’t take me five million tries to remember how to as well (hahahahaha). I have other images meant to be spliced together to make the background, just haven’t gotten around to that (yet). He’s fighting some kind of yokai/yurei/demon that is hellbent on causing harm to the shrine they’re located in front of.

Still needs some major help in certain areas! That’s what WIPs are for~

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